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Financial Literacy

Woman Behind Aklatan-Online Book Shop

By: Isabel Belen-Dizon

Our country is not financially literate, even the government here in the Philippines are lack of knowledge, how can I say this? If they are, there are no corruption issues, right? For us to be successful, we must learn first. Let me share with you my short story why we should learn financial literacy before introducing this online book shop.

My parents encourage me to be excellent in our school they even bought bundled of encyclopedias and dictionaries for me. However, growing up I realize that academics couldn’t help me to be successful but it’s the financial literacy that would save many people around me and me. Imagine, how can I apply those algebra during a job interview or putting up a business? So why would I study? It’s not to discourage students today but to be honest when I read one of the best-selling books of Mr. Robert Kioyasaki, I totally stop schooling and focus on earning and learning about money and I took associate course. Way back 2018, I worked as one of the Chinese businessman’s secretary.

I am not a bachelor’s graduate but my boss from a business consultant company still offering me to come back on his company just to close more deals and to make a marketing strategy. He hired me to make business, see how a businessman thinks? He hired those smart and wise men to work for him and he’s earning from them. Yes! I’m not bachelor’s degree but how come I could make marketing plans and strategies? The answer is, I learned from those books I have read before. Eventually, I resigned and decided to be a full-time mom and planning to put up our own business.

Self-study is not bad,

I called those books about finance, motivational and inspirational books are assets. Yes, it is assets and not expenses, why? Because we earn knowledge and learning from those mentors experienced but take about ten to twenty years to learn and to be financial literate. Expenses don’t have returned from investment, and I can attest that books about financial literacy could return your investment and could be multiplied. I’m not one of those top earners here in our country but let me share to you where you can buy those books that could teach us and improve ourselves emotionally, mentally and financially.

About Aklatan Online Bookshop

Aklatan Online Bookshop is not your typical book shop. We are one of their customers, and I must say that this shop is our life saver, why? We found those rare books affordable and brand new. Financial literacy books are rare here in our country, and the price is surprisingly expensive. Thankfully, we found this online shop. My husband found this through searching online. The owner will find books that we need and shipped it to our address from abroad. See? Less hassle, book will be delivered door-to-door.

Ms. Gleigh Abrantes

Meet The Woman Behind Aklatan Online Shop

Ms. Gleigh Abrantes is a female Filipino currently working and living in United Arab Emirates, she studied at San Sebastian College-Recoletos Cavite. Another Alpha woman indeed! I do not know her personally but upon talking to her I can say that she’s one of us! Hahaha!

Alpha woman is strong and confident, and a hard worker as well as often busy. She is usually sarcastic because she’s powerful and hates sugar coating. Alpha Females are intelligent, intellectual problem solvers.

I listed few common questions that I know most of us would love to know and learn from her.

Why she created this online bookshop?

Ms. Abrantes said “I created Aklatan Online because I felt that I need to be heard. If what are the ways of learnings I’ve learned here abroad by attending seminars. But most of what I’ve learned is I got from the books and internet. I love searching stuff about development, business, motivational and inspirational videos.”

Aklatan Online Bookshop’s Goal, Mission and Vision.

Goal: To be able to reach out those people who are badly needed help about their current financial status. Although I am not a professional financial adviser at least I can share what I know and to show them the different ways that we can do to help ourselves to escape the rat race.

Mission: To inflict a habit of reading to people. Showing them how these books has changed all areas of my life for the better.

Vision: I am strongly believing that all my work in Aklatan will be worth it as I continue to share all the knowledge that I’m getting from reading a specific book that are beneficial in our lives. Living is about surviving so we must equip ourselves with these knowledge and skills.

How she coped up with those hardships she encountered in this business?

She answered me with this: “This me my first time to run a small business. Nobody is teaching me or guiding me on how to do it. So, I need to learn everything on my own. Like sometimes it’s so tiring and it consumed most of my time, but I am really committed on what I’m doing so I’m really trying to stay focused and take this as a challenge to improve myself and my knowledge about business.”

How Ms. Abrantes Manage her time from being employed and business owner.

According to Ms. Abrantes Time management has been her strong suit. There’s a big difference of lifestyle if you’re living alone in abroad like you must do everything by yourself. You need to focus on the things that really matter that way you can accomplish the things that needs to be done in a day, in a year. As an example, like, if your friends ask you to go out with them that often would you think you’ll be able to reach your set goal on time? Probably not, because you failed to manage your time wisely and you let them steal your time.

How She applied her learnings from those books she read.

“Once I am reading a book, I internalized those teachings that I know I could apply to myself. I know for sure there will be simple habit or personal development lesson that I know will have a big impact to my life for the next couple of years.”

Her Stand about Financial Literacy

“We all know for a fact that this subject is not included in our school curriculum. Even if we wanted to share and care for the next generation, it’s really beyond our control to impose. However, what we can do about is to share our learning through these books about Financial literacy. Social media platforms are the best tool that we have now to spread anything that are beneficial to people.”

Why still working if she already has this business so she can focus on this business.

“A very good question indeed. Upon learning on how to escape the rat race. I found out that, there are certain people who still stick to their jobs and do side hustle to achieve financial freedom. Not because you have a business that doesn’t guarantee yet that through it you could support all you need. You need to be strategic. You can’t afford to lose one source of income while you’re not totally stable financially.”
To be honest, I’m working as a full-time health care assistant, part time fitness instructor and handling Aklatan Online Bookshop. It’s so tiring but I get used with it, because I am more focus on reaching my goals.

Advice to those readers and willing to learn and earn.

If you’re serious about learning through reading, you need to look at the books as if that’s the only weapon you must change your life. A quick tip on how I started, Example if you can buy one book a month. The book contains 300 pages. 300/30days equals to 10 pages/day you need for you to be able to finish the book. Now I can finish three books in a week if I don’t have workloads.

Her advice to those not into reading.

Every person has different ways to learn. If you think reading isn’t your thing to learn, then try attending seminars or watch helpful videos. But reading can enhance your brain. According to study, brain stimulates faster when a person reads.

Any plans to make a physical store here in our country?

“Yes. In God’s perfect time. Timing is everything and a big preparation is all I need”. – Ms. Abrantes

Thank you for the informative details and for sharing your thoughts about this shop Ms. Abrantes.

Now I am a parent, I want to pass it on my children, me and my husband just started collecting those financial literacy books. We believe that financial literacy books will mold them to be a better person.

I recommend this Online book shop, we deserved to learn and know more about finance, lifestyle, self-improvement and how to be financially literate. This article is not sponsored I wrote this to spread advocacy.

To spread why we should learn and be financial literate, we all deserved to be heard and I hope we could be the voice of those unheard.

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