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Story of A Teen Mom.

By: Isabel Belen-Dizon

Finding out you’re pregnant can bring up different emotions.

Every woman will feel different, some will feel happy and excited, some are confused and stressed. All these feelings are normal and okay. Your feelings will probably change while you are thinking about your options.

But, how about the teenagers? Finding out they are pregnant, especially if the pregnancy is unexpected and unwanted can put enormous stress on a young woman and her family. However, once the pregnancy is confirmed the important thing is to make the wisest decision for her at this time.

Let me share with you how my teenage pregnancy twisted my life and how Jesus strengthens me.

Many looked at me with a surprise look when they saw me and my eldest daughter, they can’t believe that she’s my daughter. I often get the “OMG but you look so young” or “I thought she’s your sister”, if I got a peso whenever I hear that, I’d be rich.

Truth is I was a teen mom, I had my eldest daughter after my fifteenth birthday. Yes I know I had no business doing what I was doing. I was young and stupid, but little did I know all the twists and turns my life was about to take-sacrifices, struggles, frustrations, pain and all the tears that I was going to cry while raising the human I brought into this world.

I became my parent’s big disappointments. After my daughter’s birth I continue with my schooling. Being a mom of a small child, studying and having no support other than my parents was hard. I was in really messed up situation dealing with emotional and mental abused, I was bullied and rejected. I was able to finish my High school and graduated my associate two-year course. I did not live a promiscuous life or a party every weekend like most people at my age did.

As soon as I graduated, I had to start working to support myself and my child. I struggled financially, I was all on my own since my mother died after my eldest daughter’s first birthday. I gave the custody of my eldest to her father because no one can look after her on my side while I am busy working for our future. Good thing is that me and her father are in good-terms so I get to see her anytime I can.

I am not telling you this nor doing this to make anyone sorry for me, but for people to know the struggle that teen moms go through.

Being a teen mom taught me a lot, it molded me to become the woman I am today “Being a mom gives my life a purpose, they are the one who cheers me up and they are the only reason why I never give-up” all the sacrifices and pain I went through are worth-it because I was able to provide for them.

I know the struggle is, I know what feeling broken is, I know how to work hard for what I need. I learned how to pray to God, I learned how to share my stories and be his witness and I understand that all of this was the result of my decision and God taught me how to be patient and by this, I found him.

I put many things on hold to raise a child, but life is a journey, not a race, I am not where I want to be in life, but I am on a road of self-improvement, I am working hard towards my goal and I have the perseverance and diligence to get there. My life isn’t perfect, it still gets difficult, but I live a comfortably, I am grateful for what I have.

It gave my life a purpose

Despite all the negative stereotypes about teen mom, being a mom at a young age doesn’t ruin your life. I know a lot of successful women that had children at a young age. I don’t want to promote teenage pregnancy, believe me it’s not easy at all PLEASE WAIT!! But I truly believe that having Jireh (my eldest daughter) has made me into a better woman I am today.

There is this misconception that all young parents have made a careless mistake and have thrown their life away as a result, getting pregnant at fifteen didn’t mean my life was over. It meant that I get to live my life longer with my daughter, I met her sooner than expected. Of course, I spend most of my time doing mom activities, but I also have my own life. I have a social life, I go out with friends I am working and go on dates (that was before).

Today, as a parent, I have been teaching my daughter that education first before committing to anything serious. I am teaching her how to value herself and my struggled as a teenage mom, to serve and have faith to God. I want her to be better, and to reach her full potential. I don’t have any regrets because I learned a lot and I love her with my whole heart.

“but overall my life is amazing being a mom”

Today, my daughter has become my best friend and I enjoy watching her grow into an amazing young lady.

mom with daughter

Don’t use your children as an excuse why you can’t get ahead in life. Yes, it will be harder, and life absolutely changes when you have a child at a young age. But remember that you can still make a wonderful life for yourself and your child. Don’t stop!


  1. Nessly Hamoy

    15th August 2019 at 6:39 am

    I love how honest and real this post is. Teenage pregnancy may be overwhelming, add in that you loss your mother too. What a strong woman you are indeed. Such a great lesson in this story. Thanks for sharing, Sab. With this, I got to know you better 🙂

  2. West

    27th September 2019 at 10:41 am

    Many thanks stating this particular document and rendering it public

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