New Laundry Partner – The New Downy Detergent

We all know that laundry detergent removes dirt and stains from our clothes. However, finding a good one that works effectively with our clothes combined with long lasting fragrance is not easy.

With so many choices on the market, let me introduce to you the new detergent here in our country from the brand that our family is using for decades and known for their lovely scent of fabric softener.

The New Downy Detergent is now here in Philippines!

Downy is an iconic fabric softeners and booster brand, also known as Lenor in Europe, Russia and Japan, is a brand name of fabric softener produced by Procter & Gamble.

Downy Powder Detergent contains:

  • Anionic Surfactant
  • Builder
  • Anti-Redeposition agents
  • Fragrance
  • Enzyme

Those are the ingredients that removes stains and heavy soil.



  • 1 small sachet for 36-40 pcs. Of clothes.
  • Soak for 30 minutes and wash as usual
  • You may use the same solution for the second load

Washing Machine

  • Dissolve the two-jumbo sachet into lowest level of water.
  • soak the clothes for 30 mins and wash as usual

Downy powder detergent has two variances, the Garden Blossom and Sunrise fresh. The difference is their scent, both works effectively sparkling clean and keeps our clothes long lasting freshness because of their perfume booster.

We all know that laundry detergent removes dirt and stains from our clothes and usually less expensive to use per load compared to liquid detergent. They are most effective on mud stains and ground-in dirt.

Let me share with you my experience with the new downy detergent.

Effectivity: My husband messy white polo shirt as seen in the photo below is the actual picture of his used shirt after his outdoor activity.
After I used the new downy detergent it becomes white as brand new.

Benefits: This Powder detergent is ideal for general wash day loads and it’s effective in lifting out every day stains as well as ground-in dirt. If most of your family’s wash load consists of stains of the outdoor and every day variety, downy powder detergent is an excellent choice. Soft and gentle for your sensitive hands and the scent is perfect for my family mild and not too strong but long lasting. in short, this detergent does two jobs, a sparkling clean and long-lasting freshness.

Detergent Scents: The fragrance is not too strong and mild but last up to four weeks of freshness because of their perfume booster.

Price: packs comes in different sizes and will depend on your household needs and storage. Overall, I attest that it will not cost you too much.

Price isn’t always the best indicator of detergent quality. The key is looking at the list of ingredients. The more active ingredients like surfactants that lift soil away from fabric and suspend it in the water and enzymes that remove stains in the product, the better the detergent and that is the new downy detergent. Many people overuse their laundry detergent, but for downy powder detergent a small amount goes a long way. It will not cost you a lot in fact you’ll save a lot because you don’t need to buy extra fabric softener and a guaranteed effectiveness of the powder detergent is superb, you’ll need less than you think.

Where to buy? Available to our favorite grocery store nationwide. Check the nearest store to you mommy!


YES, I will recommend the New Downy Detergent to all the members of our mommy club. Mommy Blogger Pehpot Mommy Club is a mommy community on Facebook created by mommy blogger, Mommy Pehpot. Truly this detergent is the answer to my laundry dilemma, goodbye dirt, stain and unpleasant smell of clothes!


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  1. I also want to try this product, however its not yet available in puregold na malapit na smen.. Huhu.. San po pedeng bumili? Thank you!

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