My husband turns out that he’s the son of my father’s best friend.

I don’t believe in destiny, but I believe in God’s promise “When the Time is right, I the Lord will make it happen.” – Isaiah 60:22

My husband and I were schoolmates way back in high school but we’re not interested in each other at that time. He’s ahead of me, so I used to call him “Kuya”; he graduated and we haven’t communicated after.

We had different relationships with different people and living individually. I even had children with my exes (two) and I even tried to marry the last ex before him.

I got separated from my ex, I worked as OFW and left my children to their father because I had no choice, I am an only child, my mom passed-away year 2011 and my father was already living with his new family.

Until one day, my husband messaged me through Instagram. Yes, we used to have a Long-Distance-Relationship. The simple “How are you?” became “have you eaten already?” into “goodnight” and “I love you…” You know when you’re far away, working as an ofw, those “how are yous” are so precious.

My father who was already living in Nueva Ecija got sick and admitted to St. Lukes hospital to see a specialist. My husband wanted to visit him, to introduce himself alone coz I was still working abroad. I gave my father’s full name and room number. My husband told me that my father’s name is so familiar to him. He even told me that his late father was a policeman and my father might know him because my father was a retired policeman, but I didn’t believe in him that I even didn’t bother to question my father about it. My husband asked his mother and brother, then they answered. “Delfin (my father) is the only person who knows about your father’s illness and he saved your father when he received a gunshot from rebellions way back in the ’80s.”



My husband went to the hospital, excited to introduce himself to my father as the son of the late Aquilino Dizon. They had a very long conversation about his father, family and us.

Before my father died, he confessed to me that my marriage with my ex wasn’t registered because he thought that I could still file for late registration if we were meant to be and I was too young back then.

Now, I am happily married to the man who shows me that love is unconditional. There’s no give and take because true love will always give. He accepted me for who I am more than that, he loves my children as his own flesh.

I wrote this because I read a lot of anonymous posts with suicidal and abortion thoughts… I hope this could give hope to someone as hopeless as I was formerly and because of these circumstances, I’ve learned to trust God’s plan with confidence because only God knows my capability.

Be strong mama! Keep the faith!
If your partner leaves you, trust God. If you got pregnant with another man, trust God. If you lost your job, your home or even your child, TRUST GOD. Because God knows you even before you were born, he knows your potential and limits, his plan is better than our plans.


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