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Breastfeeding 101: Art of Breastfeeding

My Breast-feeding Journey

Breastfeeding is the most powerful and natural way of feeding our little one, but it takes a lot of work before it seems to be easy that way.

Here are my helpful tips base on my own experience for new mom and moms-to-be on breastfeeding and boosting your lactation.

  • Frequent Nursing – your breasts works on supply and demand. The greater the demand, the more your body will produce milk. Your baby is helping your body to learn how much more milk it needs to make. Let your baby determine how often you nurse. So grab a seat and relax, you’re going to be here for a while.
  • Avoid Stress – Do not worry too much about your supply, one of the difficult in breastfeeding is you cannot see how much milk your baby is taking, When you’re baby seems always to be hungry you’ll start worrying if she/he get enough milk from you. As long as your baby making at least five to six wet diapers a day, your supply is just fine. Newborns constantly hungry, and that’s OK. it’s expected that babies will need to refuel often.
  • Proper latch – Improper Latch is one of the causes of sore nipples that may tend you to stop breastfeeding, Breastfeeding is a teamwork between you and you’re baby. Make sure that your baby latch your nipple including the areola properly by observing his hunger cues, signaling that he/she is ready to feed. Try to pay attention and learn those earlier hunger cues.
  • Drink a lot of fluids – Water will be your “breast friend”. Keeping a bottle of water beside you all the time is a MUST! Breastfeeding is tiring and dehydrating and you have to refuel yourself.
  • Lactation enhancements – Aside from keeping yourself on a healthy diet, This will increase your production but each mom should make the appropriate choice for her breastfeeding. If you want to know on what are the brands & products that I am taking to help me on this breastfeeding journey you may check on out my next blog. titled: My Breastfriend Booster
  • Sleep as long as you can – Mommy your body is tired, I know how consuming and tiring it is and you’re doing a great job! Do not hesitate to call for a help and get a nap but wait, you are not advisable to do pumping right away after giving birth up to 6 weeks right? So, If you’re stressing yourself on how to rest when baby is always hungry here’s the tip. Go and buy silicone pump HAAKAA ORIGINAL, It can collect your milk like vacuum because it can suction smoothly in a proper way without pain so your helper can feed your baby using feeding cup or bottle, for the bottle to avoid nipple confusion you must use a bottle that designed with a wide mouth and naturally shape nipple so you have nothing to worry about nipple confusion, please take note the word ORIGINAL since I bought the fake one before and regret it now because the suction are different and it affected my milk production.
  • Nipple pain is common – Every mom experience this pain and have a different story to tell. One of the very common pain is nipple sore and crack nipple, On my case I am pained for 3 Weeks. I used Organic Nipple Care and Rescue Balm by MQT, it keep my nipples moist between feedings, available in they can deliver it door-to-door and I can attest that their products are original, I apply a bit of it on my crack nipple every after breastfeeding, if you’re pregnant and decided to breastfeed you may consider buying it before your due date. On my case, I bought it when I’m in so much pain already, I felt scared of breastfeeding, whenever my baby is hungry and crying for milk I cry-out of pain but still didn’t give-up and do research for cure because I know that breastfeeding is the most healthy food that I could give and do for my child. Another healing tips for sore nipple is your breast-milk, every after feeding you can air dry your nipple and put a bit of breast-milk on affected area. I also put a warm compress on my breast to prevent blocked milk duct, it may cause of tender breast that leads to mastitis.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – It is important to follow a healthy diet and proper exercise while breastfeeding. Healthy breastfeeding super foods will be your favorite meal, aside from enhancing your milk production, it will give you a proper nutrients that both of you and your baby will benefit. Improper diet can affect your health and your baby so you better watch-out for your meal and activities everyday.

Perseverance is what you need in order to succeed. Breastfeeding is one of the most challenging yet rewarding. I hope that putting the tips above into practice will help you with your little one while breastfeeding.



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