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Reviews – Bubble Baby Baby bottle and utensil cleanser

Usapan health muna tayo mga mommy, Did you know that aside from the food we ate everyday, toxins can also be found on our daily household necessity? like laundry soap, dishwashing liquid etc.

Toxins found in non-organic dishwashing are not safe and alam nyo ba na ang gloves ay hindi din nakakatulong? hindi maaalis ng gloves ang harmful chemicals na nasa dishwashing liquid like fragrances at marami pang iba.

I am glad that I found Bubble Baby Dish and utensil cleansing wash completely natural and non-toxic.

What is Bubble Baby?

Bubble Baby is from the maker of bubble man and a highly efficient, economical, environment friendly, & Philippine-made Dishwashing Liquid.

Ingredients: Plant Derived Surfactants, water.

This product with ingredients that are plant-based, as compared to ordinary brand. 

Direction to use: According to package.

  1. Dilute 5-10 ml of bubble baby bottle cleanser in 1L water in a clean basin
  2. Soak feeding bottles, dishplate and other utensils into the solution for 30 seconds
  3. Clean all baby utensils and bottles with brush and rinse thoroughly with water

Price: 270 ml (Php 55) and 880 ml (Php 149)

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My Experience:

This Baby bottle and utensil cleanser is plant based, food safe, no color additives and fragrance free.

You can use it with peace of mind because it’s good and chemical-free without the harsh chemicals as regular soap and because it is fragrance-free, your baby won’t catch allergies. A little goes a long way when you apply this product to your baby items such as toys, highchair cleanser, walker etc. it also works well on breast pumps parts to keep them squeaky clean.

No chemical residues

If you’re a little more meticulous then you may find some soap residue on your baby’s bottles, which can be hard to clean without a proper dish soap that’s meant for baby items.

Safe for our baby

Because it is unscented, they are safe for our baby’s consumption.

Better at cleaning milk residues

This is a big problem if you are a nursing mom. Breast milk can really cling onto baby bottles and breast pumps so you should use a bottle dish soap instead of regular ones to easily clean all those milk residues,

Price is so affordable

compared to other plant-based baby bottle cleanser and it’s available to any grocery store near you.

Every parent knows the importance of good nutrition, and you should never forget about keeping all your baby’s things clean and sanitary, especially the things they eat with.

Ang pagpili ng pang linis, kasangkapan ay isa din sa mga importanteng solusyon para mapangalagaan ang ating pamilya.


  1. Maria Claryssa Balibrea

    16th October 2019 at 12:07 am

    Im using this one now!! very affordable specially to a mom like me who needs to budget 😊

  2. Jenny Lyn Banaag

    16th October 2019 at 8:01 am

    I want to try the bubble baby bottle and utensil cleanser. My baby is only 3 months old and only want the best for him. Thank u😊

  3. Jenielda Sarmiento Macatangay

    19th October 2019 at 11:11 am

    Ginagamit ko po ito sa bottle ng dalawang baby ko 😊 sobrang affordable nya po talaga

  4. Stephanie Raval

    20th October 2019 at 7:20 am

    The before and after photos amazed me! I would love to try this product!

  5. Veronica Paraiso

    20th October 2019 at 2:16 pm

    Done reading this blog mommy , i find it very useful for a mom like me na naghahanap ng product na makakatulong sa akin .
    Thanks for sharing mommy , looking forward for more review of yours , lovelots.

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