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Little Splash Baby Spa – Thoughts and Experience

Have you heard of a Baby spa?

Did you know that even our baby need some massage and relaxation? Honestly, I didn’t even know that baby spa exist here in the Philippines, not until I discover the first baby spa here in our country which is The Little Splash Baby Spa located in San Juan City and through them I learned that baby massage and hydrotherapy helps our baby’s development.

The Little Splash Baby Spa

Little Splash Baby Spa is the first baby spa here in the Philippines founded by Jerilyn Elmaga and started to operate May 14, 2019. According to her, the concept is from the popularity of baby spa abroad, she visited different countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong to learn more about the baby spa, hydrotherapy and how business operates. They cater babies as young as two months old and toddler up to two years of age. She also hire licensed caregivers and Japanese Trainor to ensure that her staff are competent and experienced.

Hydrotherapy and Baby Massage Benefits (base on research)

  • Benefits according to my research
  • Muscular and skeletal muscle strengthen
  • Strengthening respiratory system
  • Co-ordination is developed as they learn to control their movements
  • Support mental and physical development

Our Experience

They check our baby’s temperature, which is very important before putting them in the water. Afterwards, they will prepare the baby’s towel, swimming diaper and they let us double-check the water temperature to know if we should adjust the water before they put on our baby’s floaters and start the hydrotherapy.

To avoid babies to get hurt from the floaters’ pressure on their necks, the hydrotherapy procedure only lasts around 15 to 20 minutes. After that, they dry them. Then once the babies are relaxed, they did the massage using the virgin coconut oil they also provided a bathrobe and swimming diaper for them. Our baby prefer to play around after the session but according to Ms. Jerilyn some baby fell asleep.

The hydrotherapy and massage is only Php 1,200 but separate services are also available at Php 700 each. It also offers massage classes and party packages for occasion’s maximum of 9 adult and 9 babies.

You may consult your pediatrician first before taking your child to baby spa to ensure your baby’s full safety. You might want to check the whole video below to learn more about our experienced.

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