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Financial Literacy

How Jess Palmiano Inspires Me.

By: Isabel Belen-Dizon

Financial literacy is the education and understanding of knowing how money is made, spent, and saved, as well as the skills and ability to use financial resources to make decisions. These decisions include how to generate, invest, spend, and save money.

Concept is applicable on both individuals and organizations. Individuals must be able to balance a checkbook, comprehend personal income taxes, and understand the concept of budgeting in order to make wise decisions with money. These skills are vitally important; yet, many individuals lack this basic knowledge and consequently are unable to meet their daily expenses.

Let me share with you how I learned and inspired by a Woman.

One day, I attended a Mompreneur meet-up by MommyMundo. The woman behind me is sming at my daughter. Our eyes met and we had a short conversation. I don’t know who she is but I mentioned that I want to learn how about time and financial management. It will be helpful for me since I am a full time mom and wife, who wants to have her own business in the future. Then, she introduced herself and I was shocked that she is the speaker for that event.

Honestly, it was difficult for me to absorb everything she had discussed that day. Maybe because I’m not focused because I am also carrying my child that time. By God’s grace, I had another opportunity to attend new workshop by neatobsession (Ms. Issa Guico Reyes). For the second time around, we met again. This time I internalized everything she said and here’s some of what I’ve learned:

The Importance of Managing Finances

  • Know The Value of Money – The value of money affects you every day at the gas pump and the grocery store. That’s because demand for gas and food is inelastic. It’s not always possible to delay purchases when the price rises. Producers will pass on any of their extra costs. You will buy it at the higher price for a while until you can change your habits. 
  • Understanding F.O.G.S (Finances, Opportunity, Goals, Strategies) – Whenever we decisions, we should look at our finances because it will affect on how we operate our household and it will as well on our goals and strategies.
  • Risk Management – risk management occurs everywhere in the financial world but planning ahead will save you from waking up without money on your pocket. Budgeting happened before your finances comes and not after spending.
Ma. Jessica Palmiano
President, Cavalli Al Galopo Properties Corp. Chairwoman, Nessotech Inc. CEO, Togetech

The woman that I am talking about is Ms. Jess Palmiano, a 39-year-old entrepreneur. She stands 4’11” in height but have a tall dream for the Philippines. She is good inspiration to every mother. Jess is a mom of a toddler and President of Cavalli Galopo Properties Corporation, Chairman of Nessotech Incorporation and CEO of Togetech.

From 2001 up to 2011, she helped establish offices and partnerships with agencies around the world. Soon, like any entrepreneur-in-training, she wanted to venture out on her own and escape the rat race. In 2011, she set-up the Cavalli Al Galopo and Nessotech followed by Togetech.

Cavalli Al Galopo is her first corporation established in 2011 which deals with property and development. Nessotech Incorporation is an IT firm and systems solutions provider engaged in software development. Togetech is the sibling enterprise of Nessotech, which designs mobile apps and solutions such as Moneygment app.

AweSAHM community with Ms. Issa Reyes and Ms. Jess Palmiano.

The electronic tool which allows filipinos to remit, transfer money and pay the monthly bills and insurances contribution through the convenience of their phone. In Addition, it helps us on managing our finances, paid our government documents and filed our taxes. Palmiano explained clearly the importance of these contributions, especially to the OFWs and their families that they have been serving for the past few years.

Would you believe that despite of those IT solutions firm and develop apps and software she doesn’t have any background in IT or engineering? She said, “you can always learn and find people who can help” and that’s what she did. In addition, just like any other successful businessman her advice is “it’s important to find mentors because you need someone who can be your honest critic; and someone who has the good intention to tell you if you are wrong.”

Today, all her different companies are developing rapidly and successfully and she’s most excited about working on more apps like Moneygment app. That could help every citizen to pay conveniently and handle the finances properly as she said “You are the educators of the value of having access to money so that they are able to improve their live as well”

Mommy Budgetarian while cheking the App.

As a stay-at-home mommy budgetarian, one of my difficulties is going to the payment center to settle our monthly dues. It’s difficult to travel with a child, given the commute situation here in the metro. It’s time consuming too! Through management too, I can now pay our dues even if I am home or busy taking care of our children. Hassle free right? No need to line-up, pay for a transportation fee and go through all that stress.

Mommy Budgetarian Approved!

I also realized that settling right amount of tax has been one of the difficult topics concerning most income earners here in Philippines. Just like an individual, businesses must pay several different kinds of taxes, some easier to understand than others. Mistakes in tax payment can result in large penalties or even imprisonment. Another simple and yet important that most of us ignore is paying our monthly government insurances contribution such as Pag-ibig, Philhealth and Social Security System. Good thing with Moneygment App we can now pay and file our taxes and government contribution anytime and anywhere.

One of the frequently asked question is if the app is safe and secured? Well, it’s a yes! They are using SSL encryption to ensure that all data provided remains confidential and private. They are also partnered with different banks here in Philippines such as Banco de Oro, MetroBank, Bank of the Philippine Islands and China Banking Corp.

But first thing first you must download the Moneygment App available in IOS and Android then register with your e-mail address or Facebook account.

Final Say

Women are strong and motivated. There’s so much we could do together if we all learn from one another. Today, Jess is one of the sources of inspiration to every woman in the country.

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